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World Mental Health Day Monday 10 October

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    World Mental Health Day

    Sometimes, finding the words to say how we feel is tough. You can feel like you’re talking another language – one no one else understands.
    But we do.

    That’s why this World Mental Health Day, we’re using spoken word to show the different ways people talk about their experiences. People have shared their mental health stories and expressed their thoughts, words and feelings.

    We want these stories to change the way we think and speak about mental health problems. To encourage you to reach out for support,
    whatever your experience of mental health.

    Because we all need support on our mental health journey.

    If this speaks to you, speak to us.

    Hear the stories at mind.org.uk/speak-to-mind

    Explore our website to find out how we can support you, or you can call us Monday – Friday during office hours on 01732 744950.

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