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Woodlands Holiday Camp

Discussion in 'Otford' started by Sylvia Beckwith, Feb 10, 2010. Replies: 15 | Views: 10625

  1. Sylvia Beckwith

    Sylvia Beckwith New Member

    Woodlands Holiday Camp


    I wonder if you remember a holiday camp called Woodlands that was a few miles from Otford Station. This was in the 1950s. I don't think it is still there somehow but wonder if you have any information about it and what happened to it. Many thanks.

    Sylvia Beckwith
  2. Barbara Benedict

    Barbara Benedict New Member

    Woodlands Holiday Camp - my parents owned and ran this camp 1928-1968. My contact is (from UK) 00353-1-2867661 or mobile 00353-833779017, please call! Barbara Benedict
  3. brian coats

    brian coats New Member

    woodlands holiday camp

    my wife went to the camp fr many years as a ypoung child and remembers diving in to the pool to retreive dinner plate rings.
    recently whilst visiting my son who now lives in Chatham we drove to the area, the camp has obviously gone but we drove to the rising sun pub where her family used to walk to. the pub looks like it hasn't changed since those days and she would love to see any photos or read any memories
  4. Colin Gascoyne

    Colin Gascoyne New Member

    Hi Sylvia,
    I stayed there in 1958 and had a great holiday. Learnt to swim in the pool. There are some photographs on the Francis Frith web site taken around 1955. The pool was open air then. It was covered in by 1958. I had a look on Google Earth but could not see any trace of it.
    Colin Gascoyne.
  5. Postcard Nostalgia

    Postcard Nostalgia New Member

    Hi Barbara, I have seen you have attached your contact numbers which was a very kind thing to do but I am merely wondering if you happen to know the postcode, I can see Colin has already tried Google Earth and I also have and have virtually visited the Rising Sun (I didnt drink!!)

    We have a Woodlands multiview from 1959 very basic and we tried researching some years ago and got nowhere whatsoever, however the years have moved on and luckily more information is appearing and now we have it down to I assume Otford which is at least the right side of the M25 and we can always change it if incorrect.

    So I am not sure if anyone will read this before I find out myself but people are also welcome to add any information, such as the covering of the swimming pool was interesting. I will come back and add a link when the page is done, thanks ........ Gerry
  6. Sevenoaks Forum

    Sevenoaks Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Mavis Andrews contacted www.SevenoaksForum.com to add:

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  7. Barbara Benedict

    Barbara Benedict New Member

  8. Barbara Benedict

    Barbara Benedict New Member

    Gerry, There was no post code for Woodlands at the time it was operating; the addess was simply 'Woodlands Holiday Camp, Nr. Sevenoaks, Kent. The only 'remains' of the camp is an electricity notice attached to the sub station in the hedge where the entrance to the car park of the camp used to be. The notice shows the legend 'Woodland Holiday Camp.' Note the mis-spelling of Woodlands. I was shocked when I saw it 2 years ago. (no pun intended) I am writing a book about the camp which will be on sale before Christmas. My e-mail is bcbenedict@hotmail.com Barbara benedict nee Mellor
  9. Barbara Benedict

    Barbara Benedict New Member

  10. Barbara Benedict

    Barbara Benedict New Member

    Colin, I have been re-reading your posts on the Sevenoaks Forum and wondered whether you would be interested in the fact that I am writing a book about the camp and which will (hopefully) be out before Christmas 2013. my e-mail address is bcbenedict@hotmail.com
  11. Eddy Gilchrist

    Eddy Gilchrist New Member

    Hi Brian, just found this site today and was delighted to see other Woodlanders on the site. I visited the camp many times through the sixties and have quite a few photos which I took whilst there. Many have other campers in but some have general views. When I holidayed there it was with one or more friends. I remember Ernie and the Mellors and have sent an e-mail to Barbara. I would love a copy of her book if it gets published. Was your wife looking for any particular people she met if so perhaps you could let me know and I can check my photos. You can e-mail me at, chriseddy@eurolinkmail.co.uk . Best Wishes Eddy
  12. stephanie scullard

    stephanie scullard New Member

    I spent many happy holidays at Woodlands during the 60s with my parents. When I first went it was run by Mr and Mrs Mellor and they had a sheepdog that came on the rambles with us, sadly I cannot remember its name. We made some lovely friends and would all book to go back at the same time each year. Happy days.
  13. Donna Gardner

    Donna Gardner New Member

    I spent a lovely week there, I think 1968 with my parents.. I loved it there and it was so different to the usual butlins style holidays.. I remember getting up early in the morning and sitting on a swing waiting to go for breakfast.. I was 9 and have never forgotten the place.. Would love to hear from anyone who was there the same year.. I remember we were friendly with a couple with a daughter called Heather, I know she was a few years older than myself..
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  14. Paul King

    Paul King New Member


    I visited the camp several times with my family in the 1960's I have so many memories of the camp, I can remember the mini golf on the top field, the games room and the small glass covered swimming pool. I can also remember winning the Tarzan contest. I think the site is now Woodlands Manor golf course.
  15. Heather Bonfield

    Heather Bonfield New Member

    Hi Donna I am the Heather you mention in your post and I am amazed that you remember me after all these years! I was scanning some photos of that holiday and decided to google Woodlands which led me to your post. I too have magical memories of Woodlands - my Mum and Dad loved it there and we had several holidays, including one Christmas when it was freezing and we were in one of the wooden chalets on the higher level, with only a tiny electric bar heater on the wall! I bet you remember the slide that was to the side of the stairs, even at 16 I could never resist it! Warm regards Heather
  16. Colin Leith

    Colin Leith New Member

    Hi Barbara (nee Mellor)
    It was the 'Mellor' which attracted me. I have been going through some old photographs my mother kept. Luckily she was a very organised person and wrote places and dates on the back of photos. I found several with the inscription Woodlands August 1950. I had wondered where this camp was and a google search led me to this page. I know that my parents met at Woodlands holiday camp and I am now certain it was at this camp. My mother sent a photo taken at the camp to my father: the inscription on the back says, "Woodlands, this unforgetable place where we met each other, we shall send, one day, a card to Mr Mellor, shall we not?" (The English is a little clumsy - my mother came to the camp from France).

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