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Who makes the Best Sausage around Sevenoaks 2013?

Discussion in 'Sevenoaks Chat' started by Sevenoaks Forum, Oct 20, 2013. Replies: 10 | Views: 14664


Who makes the Best Sausage around Sevenoaks 2013?

Poll closed Nov 11, 2013.
  1. Chart Farm, Seal Chart

  2. Coldbreath Butchers, Seal

  3. Copus Butchers, Borough Green

  4. Cottage Farm Meats, Polhill Garden Centre

  5. Farningham Butchers, Farningham

  6. Norman's Butchers, Eynsford

  7. Romshed Farm, Underriver

  8. Williamsons Butchers, Sevenoaks

  9. Orchard Hill Farm, Ightham

  10. A.N. Other - Ask your favourite to contact us (see below) and we'll edit the options

  1. Sevenoaks Forum

    Sevenoaks Forum Administrator Staff Member

    To promote our local butchers and producers, you are invited to ...
    Vote for your favourite sausage around the Sevenoaks area 2013.​


    With such a wide variety of terrific sausages available from our local butchers and farmers markets, show your support and pop in and say hello ... perhaps buy some for Fireworks night.
    British Sausage Week 2013 runs from Mon 4th - Sun 10th November - find out more on the national LovePork.co.uk website. Discover some Sausage recipes there!

    Voting ended at midnight, Sunday 10th Nov with a trophy awarded to the overall winner with the most votes.

    Congratulations to
    Farningham Butchers, Farningham
    winners of
    Who makes the BEST SAUSAGE around Sevenoaks 2013?
    Thanks everyone for voting and supporting your local butcher. They certainly all have fantastic sausages and are very proud of them too.
    Do visit YOUR local butcher, taste their sausages and enjoy them .. maybe the local media may be interested in organising a future taste-off challenge one day amongst any local interested butchers.
  2. Seal

    Seal New Member

  3. Seal

    Seal New Member

  4. Borough Green

    Borough Green New Member

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  5. Badgers Mount

    Badgers Mount New Member

  6. Farningham

    Farningham New Member

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  7. Eynsford

    Eynsford New Member

  8. Underriver

    Underriver New Member

  9. Sevenoaks

    Sevenoaks Member

    Williamsons Butchers, Sevenoaks (now closed)

  10. Ightham

    Ightham New Member

  11. Farningham

    Farningham New Member

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