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Viceroy India Pale Ale wins Supreme Champion Bottled Beer at SIBA South East

Discussion in 'Westerham' started by Westerham Brewery, Aug 1, 2011. Replies: 0 | Views: 646

  1. Westerham Brewery

    Westerham Brewery New Member

    Westerham's Viceroy India Pale Ale took the Gold medal at the SIBA South East Beer Competition on Friday 15th July in the Bottled Beers over 5% category and then went on to win the Supreme Champion Bottled Beer in the finals. The beer will now go ahead into the SIBA National Finals in March 2012.
    Finchcocks' Original won Silver in the Milds category and Summer Perle came away with the Bronze Medal in Standard Bitters under 3.9%.
    This is the second year in a row Westerham Brewery has won four medals in the competition and the third year the brewery has won a Supreme Champion award.


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