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The Riverhead Shaman

Discussion in 'Introduce Your Business' started by Ishtar Dingir, May 18, 2010. Replies: 0 | Views: 1285

  1. Ishtar Dingir

    Ishtar Dingir New Member

    The Riverhead Shaman

    Shamanism and shamanic healing are as old as hills ~ and possibly even older than that!

    Shamanism used to be practised worldwide by our earliest ancestors, and they probably didn’t even think of it as an ‘ism’. The shaman would go into trance, usually by the beat of the drum, and cross into other dimensions in order to bring back guidance, healing or information for his tribe from the spirit entities he or she met there.

    Shamanic healing is about getting back into harmony with nature and the world around us. In modern times, we have come away from this sort of holistic awareness and, because of that rupture in our mind-body-spirit, we suffer from the attendant stress and alienation from our natural inner power base, and we’re afflicted with dis-eases of the immune system.

    The shaman uses various techniques to reconnect the client with their inner power base and spirits, including shamanic healing, shamanic counselling, power animal retrieval, soul retrieval and divination, and this facilitates re-empowerment and rejuvenation. The shaman also works with the terminally ill and dying to help ease their passage into the next world.

    I practice shamanic healing in Riverhead, in a peaceful setting behind St Mary’s Church. If you’d like to know more about shamanism in history, please visit my website Ishtar’s Gate. Or if you’d like to book a shamanic healing consultation, please ring me on 01732 464036 or email me on: ishtar.dingir@googlemail.com

    Look forward to hearing from you!

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