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Telephone and Broadband Engineer

Discussion in 'Introduce Your Business' started by fixmyline, Aug 7, 2018. Replies: 0 | Views: 482


Are you happy with your broadband speed and wifi coverage

  1. Yes

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  2. No - slow speed

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  3. No - my wifi doesn't reach certain rooms

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  1. fixmyline

    fixmyline New Member

    Telephone Engineer Sevenoaks

    If you are a national business, local business, a homeowner or a SOHO that operates in Sevenoaks, then Fixmyline are always here to help.
    More and more are we reliant on a consistent and reliable internet service. Functions and services such as remote working, CCTV, Netflix, Facebook, Snapchat and Facetime are all basic services that we expect to work when we want them to.
    However issues with internal wiring may cause your broadband and WiFi to be slow or intermittent.
    Fixmyline are telephony specialists in this field and can confidently say that if you give us a call with any telecoms related issue we can fix it.
    Our prices are up to 50% cheaper than your service provider. Give us a call or drop us a message on our website at www.fixmyline.co.uk
    There is also a quirky explainer video to watch if you have a spare 1 min 25 seconds

    Thanks All


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