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Sundridge farmer's great-great granddad was Waterloo hero

Discussion in 'Sundridge' started by Sevenoaks Chronicle, Jun 14, 2015. Replies: 0 | Views: 604

  1. Sevenoaks Chronicle

    Sevenoaks Chronicle New Member

    "BY God, Sir," says the Earl of Uxbridge as cannon fire hurtles across the battlefield at Waterloo and smashes into his right knee. "I've lost my leg." The Duke of Wellington lowers his telescope and looks across at his second-in-command. "By God, Sir," he replies. "So you have." It's been a busy day for the earl – in command of 13,000 cavalry and 44 artillery guns, he's in the thick of the fighting constantly. Eight of his horses have been shot from under him. At one stage, at the head of...

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