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Plaxtol Local History Group - Feb update

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  1. Plaxtol Local History Group - Feb update

    Kent in the 20th Century
    “We have all heard of the Vikings, the Romans and Queen Victoria but what of the history of Kent in the 20th century?” said Bob Ogley who talked for an hour without any visual aids or notes and held us all spellbound with his cavalcade of Kent history. He spoke authoratively having himself written four volumes of a history of 20th century Kent.
    He talked of the heroes of Kent in the world of sport, flying and speed. Such heroes as the Wright brothers,Malcolm Campbell and Sydney Wooderson, all of whom lived in Kent.
    Kent has a magnificent literary heritage with such famous names as H.G.Wells, Siegfried Sassoon, E. Nesbitt, Enid Blyton and Ian Fleming to name a few. We have engineering successes such as the Queen Elizabeth II bridge and the Channel Tunnel.
    There have been tragedies in Kent too and we remembered the Dover-Zeebrugge ferry disaster, the floods in 1953 and the hurricane in 1987. The hurricane changed Bob Ogley’s life, for the following day he hired a plane, pilot and photographer and photographed the damage from the air. Having failed to interest any publisher in the resulting book he published it himself, selling 265,000 copies and becoming a national best seller.
    The pace of life has changed since we were a front line county in the second World War. We shall not see Kent miners or hop pickers any more but we were reminded that we too are a part of the history of Kent.
    David Gurney arranged a display of local photographs and posters of the 1920 Plaxtol Grand Fete and Coronation Celebrations in 1953. V. Dussek
    Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 9th March at 8pm in the Memorial Hall when Sarah Pearson will give the Mollie Lewis Memorial Lecture entitled Sandwich - The Completest Medieval Town in Kent.

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