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Plans submitted for a new fire station for the New Ash Green area

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  1. Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) has submitted plans to Sevenoaks District Council for a new fire station in the New Ash Green area.


    Sean Bone Knell, KFRS Assistant Director, said:

    The site is next to Butlers Place and adjacent to Chapel Wood Road, Ash, Kent.

    Note to editors:

    Drawings of the proposed new station are available from the KFRS photo library at http://www.kentfirephotos.co.uk/

    KFRS submitted the planning application for the new station to Sevenoaks District Council on 31 August 2012. The council will consult residents and the relevant Parish Council, which is Ash-cum-Ridley. If planning permission is successful, contractors would begin work in January 2013 and hand over the new station in September 2013.

    Better emergency cover for this area - KFRS spent three years looking in enormous detail at the emergency response needs of the county. We found that in some areas of the county, there were more fire stations than we need, usually due to historic reasons rather than modern day demand. Other areas needed increased emergency cover and the New Ash Green area is one of these. All of our data shows that the New Ash Green area is the right location for a new on-call fire station, and we already own a very suitable site.

    Job opportunities - There will be job opportunities for local people to become on-call fire fighters – full information is available on http://www.kentfirejobs.info/

    Information about the proposed station - KFRS wants to run an on-call station with a single fire engine. This means no fire fighters are actually based at the station, they would be called in when needed to pick up the engine and attend an incident. This is estimated to be around three times a week. Apart from training once or twice a week (mainly indoor and occasionally outdoor), the station will be not be in regular use. There are no plans to make any changes to Butlers Place roads as all traffic will enter and exit the site from Chapel Wood Road.

    Construction phase - If planning permission goes ahead we will be working with the contractor to ensure that there is as little impact on neighbours as possible during construction, both on the site and on nearby roads. We would put up hoardings/fencing around the site to reduce construction noise and minimise the impact on nearby neighbours. Our plan is to work with the local school to decorate these hoardings and local schools completion has recently been run to design the illustrations to be used.

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