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Petition - Proposed Pay And Display Otford Car Park

Discussion in 'Otford Safety First / Car Parking Issues' started by Nathalie CC, Nov 15, 2012. Replies: 4 | Views: 1667

  1. Nathalie CC

    Nathalie CC New Member

    I have started a petition in response to what was initially believed to be a voting in favour by OPC to implement a Pay and Display scheme at Otford Village Car park.

    However, OPC have since assured both MP Michael Fallon and Cllr Michelle Lowe that no final decision has been made on how to manage the car park.

    The Petition is available for viewing and signing at the Gatehouse Day Nursery in the village. An e-petition has also been submitted but is awaiting review before going live. The petition will help to gauge public feeling, but I stress that this issue also requires individuals to continue to email their views direct to OPC, Michael Fallon and Michelle Lowe.

    The content of the petition is as follows:

    Introduction of Pay and Display Scheme
    - Otford Village Car Park

    We the undersigned petition the council to ensure that the proposed introduction of a Pay and Display scheme at the Otford Village Car Park run by Otford Parish Council will include provision to permit 2 hours free parking on weekdays, and free parking on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

    It is fully understood that parking is an issue in Otford and that the central village car park is used by short and long stay users including commuters, villagers without off road parking, and local workers. We agree with the council's desire to increase the turnover of cars in the car park so that more people can benefit from its use.

    However, the approved introduction of a Pay and Display scheme with a minimum 50p charge and no free stay allowance discourages people from popping into the car park and using village facilities.
    • There is no allowance for school drop off or pick up.
    • No allowance for using the local shops.
    • No allowance for walking the dog in the park.
    • No allowance for collecting children from clubs run at the Village Hall / on the recreation ground or for older people being dropped at the lunch club.
    • No allowance for drop off at the pre-school nurseries.
    • It will greatly increase the cost of attending clubs such as WI, bowls, tennis or cricket.
    Local business trade will be adversely affected as a parking charge for a short shopping trip will deter many customers who will go elsewhere to retail parks where there are no parking charges.

    There is also grave concern at the potential consequences regarding the safety of children and all pedestrians. Traffic problems are already prevalent in Otford. This will only serve to push more cars into local roads and compound traffic chaos further.

    Other local parish village car parks permit 2 hour free parking for short stay local visitors to conduct their daily business within the community. This should also be provided at Otford Village Car Park.
  2. Nathalie CC

    Nathalie CC New Member

    Petition is also at Otford Post Office
  3. Nathalie CC

    Nathalie CC New Member

    Petition also at Pond View Cafe and Otford Chemist.
  4. Nathalie CC

    Nathalie CC New Member

    The petition will not be available online because the car park is owned and controlled by the Parish Council and therefore can't be posted by Sevenoaks District Council. However, there has been a strong response and it is crucial to keep this momentum going. If you haven't yet done so, please do get to the Otford shops and give us your signature!
  5. Sarah Y

    Sarah Y New Member

    It is my understanding from the surgeries held last week and conversation with John E-W today that OPC are reconsidering the charges in the car park.

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