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Palmers of Otford

Discussion in 'Sevenoaks Historical Society' started by samurai.russ, Mar 26, 2009. Replies: 0 | Views: 1634

  1. samurai.russ

    samurai.russ New Member

    Palmers of Otford

    I am researching my ancestors and have found reference to them owning manors in or around Otford.Namely Rye house and the bull???..in Otford.
    These ancestors were linked to the Palmers of Snodland who were an ancient family and lived in the court lodge by the church.
    If any body locally has information as to these palmers i would be very interested to hear and in the mean time will pop along to visit Otford to have a look around.
    If you can help me say tell me where i can find the bull or rye house if they still exist id be gratefull and also any info and documentation for me to read and see how they were all linked.
    Many thanks
    russell palmer
    chalk in kent

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