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Otford Safety First working committee

Discussion in 'Otford Safety First / Car Parking Issues' started by Sarah Y, Nov 22, 2012. Replies: 0 | Views: 892

  1. Sarah Y

    Sarah Y New Member

    Further to the recent developments regarding the Otford Village car park and the resulting surgeries, we are trying to set up a local working committee made up of representatives from the various affected groups in the community. The aim if the committee as I see it, is to bring representatives of the community together in a positive way to lobby KCC for either an additional parking facility or other positive solution to the parking issue that also exacerbates the safety issues along the High Street.

    It is my understanding from the surgeries and further discussion with John E-W that the Parish Council are reconsidering charges for the Village Car Park in light of the feedback.

    Please add any helpful ideas or suggestions to the FORUM thread.

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