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Otford Community News - week commencing Mon 20th May

Discussion in 'Otford' started by Kay Drake, May 21, 2019. Replies: 0 | Views: 113

  1. Kay Drake

    Kay Drake Member

    OTFORD (and Britain!) go to war – ‘on the front line 1939-1945. Here’s how you can help. 2019 is the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War and marks the 75th anniversary of the ‘D Day’ invasion of June 6 1944. ODHS are proposing a series of articles over the next few editions of their Newsletter about the ‘home front’ and the war, particularly related to Otford. They also hope there will be a number of associated exhibitions in the Heritage Centre. But they need your help. Do you have any documents, photos, artifacts etc. (other material would be welcome too) about either your, or perhaps more likely your family experiences during the war? These do not have to be related to Otford but if they are, even better.

    Do you perhaps have (or did you once have) an Anderson air-raid shelter in your garden? They would love to hear from you. Do you have any reminiscences or family stories about the war; about evacuation, rationing, food, Christmas at war, the ‘blitz’, ‘doodlebugs’, Air Raid Precautions, the blackout, the Home Guard etc you would be willing to share? You can write as much or as little as you wish. It might even help you write that family history you’ve been meaning to put together. They can copy any documents you might wish to share with them. Contact them at alanwilliams725@btinternet.com or leave your contact details in the Heritage Centre or Parish Office.

    OTFORD Neighbourhood Plan: Your views are important. If you live in Otford then you should have received a copy of the Neighbourhood Plan Community Survey through your letterbox. Please remember to complete the form and post it in the collection box in the Parish Office, Otford Library, Yvonne’s, Otford Pharmacy, or the Post Office. Alternatively, you can complete survey online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/T7J7QJN

    1940’s SOCIETY meet at 8.00pm on Friday May 31 in the Memorial Hall for a talk by Peter Nixon about The Bethnal Green Tube Shelter Incident, admission £3. Local writer Peter will explore one of the most tragic domestic disasters of the war which occurred on March 3, 1943 and was hushed up at the time. If you would like further details contact 07927 748773, website: http://www.1940.co.uk/index.html

    ANGELA Bishop and daughter, Suzie Galloway, as part of Art in June, are exhibiting their sculptures, paintings, and glasswork in the garden and studios at 5, Broughton Road, Otford, 01959 523203 from June 8 to 23 Angela between 1am and 5pm or by appointment June 8/9/10/13/14/15/16//20/21/22/23 and Suzie between 2 and 5pm on June 9/14/16/21/22 and between 3 and 5pm on 8/15/22. Angela is also exhibiting with The East Surrey Sculpture Society at Ightham Mote from June 2 to 30.
    Other Otford artists participating are Ann Bridges at 58 High Street, 07906 310021, open 10am to 5pm Saturdays and Sundays 8/9 15/16 and 22/23 and Barbara Darby (bdvideos.co.uk) and Julian Cheswick, Hope Artists, 3 Spring Head Road, Kemsing T15 6QL 2pm to 7pm Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays 7/8/9, 14/15/16 and 21/22/23 June.

    OTFORD Fete on Bank Holiday Monday between 11am and 4pm, has been running for 75 years, and this year they hope to raise over £2,500 to help train a Guide Dog puppy and give it an 'Otford related' name, with 'Becket' being among the front runners. However suggestions for the puppy’s name would still be welcome see the Fete website at:
    otfordvillagefete.org. One of the main reasons for wishing to support the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association has been witnessing the difference having a Guide Dog has made to our popular Local Parish Councillor, Dr Howard Leicester, who was matched last year with 'Rosie' a beautiful honey-coloured retriever.

    The Fete's theme this year is related to a unique millennium project which Otford is proud and privileged to house – the World’s Largest Scale Model. It is of the Solar System and is designed to show the exact position of the planets orbiting the sun as they were configured at the dawn of the new millennium. It is made from the most durable materials in the hope that it will last for the next thousand years when astronomers in hundreds of years time will be able to work out to within half-an-hour the exact date the model celebrates.

    One of the unique features of the Otford Solar System is that it has developed to truly span the globe, with branches at Los Angeles, Christchurch NZ, Port Stanley, Sydney, and it is hoped soon, when NASA goes there again, the Moon which would truly be out of this world.
    Thus, it is appropriate that the theme for this year’s Otford Village Fete should celebrate one of mankind’s greatest achievements. 2019 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969, when man first set foot upon another world. As Neil Armstrong famously said, it really was “... one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”.

    OTFORD Library. Following his last sell-out talk at Otford Library, Giles Milton will be returning to the library at 7pm on June 12 to talk about his latest book D-Day, the Soldiers’ Story. Copies of the book will be available to buy at the event. Tickets cost £6 and must be booked in advance either by emailing otfordlibrary@kent.gov.uk or telephoning 03000 41 31 31. Better still pop into the library to reserve your place and take a look at the history of Otford School exhibition. Don’t delay tickets are selling fast.

    OTFORD and Seal Trefoil Guild are interested in enrolling new members. They meet once a month at 7.30pm on the third Thursday at Kemsing Library with outdoor meetings also arranged to visit Pubs, Teashops, Stately Homes, Theatres and Cinema’s. Please give me call if you would like more details.

    HOSPICES of Hope’s in the High Street have just renovated their delightful patio tea garden at the rear of their premises where 7 days a week you can enjoy morning coffee, light lunches and afternoon teas. Their scones are legendary and have received praise from all corners of the globe. In the front shop there is an opportunity to buy clothes, toys, bric-a-brac, books, jewellery, china, glass and furniture so you can browse, and then you can enjoy refreshments whilst all the time supporting this wonderful charity which is largely staffed by volunteers. If you would like to volunteer and could spare 3 or more hours a week to help please speak to Julie or Cornel 01959 524322 or to help with administrative tasks in their offices call 01959 525110 or email office@hospicesofhope.co.uk.

    OTFORD Heritage Centre is open between 2.30 and 4.30pm on Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday afternoons until mid-December offering visitors to our village the opportunity to see Otford’s continuous habitation over 4,000 years with changing displays of recent history, village life, natural history and models of Otford Palace, and the interior of an Oast House as well as many others. It is free to enter, although donations are gratefully received. If you are interested in becoming a steward then extra help is always welcome.

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