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Open your eyes to a new possibilities

Discussion in 'Introduce Your Business' started by unique investments, Jul 9, 2010. Replies: 0 | Views: 858

  1. unique investments

    unique investments New Member

    Open your eyes to a new possibilities

    How to make your Pension Investments more rewarding
    Over the past couple of years most people have suffered under the world-wide recession, company pensions, frozen pensions, opted out pensions and S2P are losing their values every day. Most investors lost money on their existing savings, investments, properties and pensions, simply because they never did anything to protect their assets.
    Unique Investments would like to introduce you and your employees to a better way of investing for retirement and demonstrate how Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) works in our After Hours Surgery, which simply requires 30 to 40 minutes after working hours in your offices.
    A Self Invested Personal Pension known as SIPP is a personal pension for which the person investing for retirement decides what their pension fund is invested in. Traditionally pensions are managed by a pension fund manager who may invest in volatile stocks and shares or boring old cash, where the investor has no control or influence on the course of investment.
    Many thousands of small investors decided to put their money in a network of 5 star commercial hotels in exotic locations around the world, a smart move, as it will provide a cash lump sum and a steady income for the future. Many people decided to move their frozen pensions and non performing SIPPs into this project and now have a much bigger earning potential through SIPP income.
    Unique Investments are a Master Agent for the UK’s premier overseas developers, responsible for constructing hotels in all of the major Caribbean Islands and other luxurious locations around the globe. This is a fantastic opportunity to unlock frozen pensions, as this is a UK Government SIPP investment.
    We are expanding our business based on our referral scheme, which is producing fresh business for us. Through the success of this program we are able to provide your business with a £1,000 referral fee for every case we complete. Through a very passive approach we can provide you and your employees with handsome returns on any of the chosen investments.
    We are keen to hear from all interested parties, if that includes you or your business and you are interested in hearing more as to how you and your employees can benefit from our offer, then please contact us and we will arrange one of our experts to visit your offices and explain the rewards to you in further detail.

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