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New Medical Facility Needed

Discussion in 'Dunton Green' started by Ian Bayley, Jan 27, 2016. Replies: 0 | Views: 834

  1. Ian Bayley

    Ian Bayley New Member

    Dunton Green Parish Council has set up a petition to show support for the proposed medical facility at the Ryewood Meadows development.

    A decision regarding the facility must be made by March 2016 so there is no time to lose in voicing support! As is explained in the petition information the NHS has a choice - accept the building and work towards providing a medical facility (almost certainly only possible with the support of local GPs) or take a limited cash payout to help with existing facilities in the local area.

    If you feel that local services are already overstretched and that the proposed medical facility at the Ryewood Meadows is needed please sign the petition (click link) as soon as possible!

    To lend weight to the petition any and all support in raising your concerns DIRECT with the NHS, SDC & KCC would be extremely powerful! Any anecdotal evidence such as difficulty in registering with a Doctor, getting appointments and the distances that you have to travel to receive a service would help build the case for the medical facility in Dunton Green.

    Please consider writing to the following:

    NHS West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group
    Wharf House
    Medway Wharf Road
    TN9 1RE

    Cllr. Cameron Brown (SDC) is already fully supportive of Dunton Green and has been instrumental in organising a recent meeting with the NHS. He can be contacted via Sevenoaks District Council or by email cllr.brown@sevenoaks.gov.uk

    Cllr. Richard Parry (KCC)
    Highfield House
    Burntwood Road
    TN13 1PT

    Thank you for your support!

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