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New Ash Green PCSO hosts online meetings

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    A Sevenoaks community support officer has been using digital technology to engage with his residents.
    Steve Vincent, PCSO for the New Ash Green area, has been holding regular online meetings for New Ash Green residents, and more and more people are joining in. The meetings are now held monthly, after PCSO Vincent trialled different times to find out what worked best for residents.

    Take part
    PCSO Vincent said: ‘Around 6pm seems to be the busiest time and 58 people – of all ages - took part in the last meeting I held. I have trialled a few different times to see when is best. A lot of people will just watch the questions and answers being published, but lots will take part too and ask questions. Holding online meetings makes it really easy for people to take part without having to leave their home.’
    The online meetings are now being held by neighbourhood teams across the county, to complement other public meetings and the new Police Contact Points, which are now operational throughout Kent. Chief Inspectors and divisional commanders have also held online meetings.

    Specific questions
    As well as giving out information and advice, the public are also providing officers with information. PCSO Vincent explained: ‘We sometimes get information about local goings on, and we can in turn act on that. That has ranged from assisting with getting untaxed vehicles removed from the road to information relating to drug use. Some people have a specific question and use the meetings as a chance to put it to us, or a specific piece of information to give us. If someone asks a question and I don’t know the answer then I will simply find out the answer and get back to them as soon as I know.’
    PCSO Vincent is looking to use his success in digital engagement to encourage his colleagues to hold meetings in their wards too. He said: ‘I’ve got colleagues who are looking to introduce online beat meetings into their communities and I will help them with that as, used correctly, they can be a really good tool.’

    Next meeting
    If residents would like to see if an online meeting can be held in their area they can contact their local officer. These details are available by entering your postcode in the ‘Your Neighbourhood’ search facility.
    The next online meetings for New Ash Green residents will be held on 1 October and 5 Novemberbetween 6pm – 7pm.

    Residents can also subscribe to a local district e-newsletter to get the latest results, recent crime updates as well as crime prevention advice sent straight to their inbox every fortnight. Click here to sign up.

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