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Lizzy Yarnold wins Sochi 2014 gold for Great Britain

Discussion in 'West Kingsdown' started by West Kingsdown, Feb 14, 2014. Replies: 1 | Views: 1250

  1. West Kingsdown

    West Kingsdown New Member

    Congratulations to Lizzy, Team GB and best wishes to her proud parents, friends and family.


    Read the report and watch the video on BBC website

    Coverage from the Sevenoaks Chronicle

    Tributes roll in for Sevenoaks' very own Olympic champion Lizzy Yarnold

    Read more: http://www.sevenoakschronicle.co.uk...ampion-Lizzy/story-20632008-detail/story.html

    'Follow your dreams, just like I did' says Olympic champion Lizzy Yarnold after Sochi success

    Read more: http://www.sevenoakschronicle.co.uk...pic-champion/story-20631970-detail/story.html

    She's done it! Lizzy Yarnold wins Britain's first Winter Olympic gold in Sochi

    Read more: http://www.sevenoakschronicle.co.uk...nter-Olympic/story-20631385-detail/story.html

  2. West Kingsdown

    West Kingsdown New Member

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