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Knockholt Bowling Club

Discussion in 'Knockholt' started by Peter Hearn, Feb 9, 2010. Replies: 0 | Views: 1172

  1. Peter Hearn

    Peter Hearn New Member

    Knockholt Bowling Club

    Situated at the end of Ivy Lane in as peaceful a setting as one could wish, the Knockholt Bowling Club has a well kept green and pavilion. The Club was re-formed in 1990, the old club having ceased playing in the 1950's. The new Club was the result of a lot of hard work by a dedicated number of Knockholt and Halstead residents, who spent time and money and a lot of hard work getting the necessary authority to proceed and building the green and pavilion. The Club is a part of the Village Club and all bowling club members are members of the Village Club.

    The season stretches from late April till the end of September, with friendly matches played most weekends and Wednesdays and league matches on Thursday and Friday evenings. Other than league matches, the Club operates a policy of playing mainly mixed matches, all played as triples (three players each team).
    As a member, one can also use the green to practice whenever they wish subject to the start times decreed by the Green Liaison Officer and there is no additional charge once the annual fees are paid. The current fees are:-

    Joining fee (once only) £32
    Annual Subscription £37.50
    Green Fees £45
    Of the above, £5 is the fee to be a member of the Village Club, which is mandatory.

    All are welcome to apply to join, from teenage to any age (one of our members died recently at the age of 101 and was still playing outdoors at 92 and indoors at 96). If new to the game, we have excellent coaches/instructors, including a National Umpire and instruction can be arranged. Although anyone can join us, we would welcome more members from Knockholt and Halstead. It is a game well suited to older citizens, giving gentle exercise and a great opportunity to socialise for a few hours every now and then.

    There is an Open Day at the green in early May, when all are welcome to discuss with Club officials and try their hand at the game. Main Events 2010.

    Your contact initially is Hon. Secretary Peter Hearn, telephone 01689 836779 or e-mail at petehearn@dsl.pipex.co.uk

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