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Kent’s Plan Bee virtual summit 2020

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    A virtual summit to inspire and engage Kent residents in the plight of pollinators is attracting participants from across Kent.

    KCC’s Plan Bee Summit will take place online on 16 November to highlight work already under way and bring people and organisations together to do more to help Kent’s pollinators and nearly 200 people have already signed up to attend.

    Pollinators not only include bees but wasps, butterflies, moths, hoverflies, ants and other insects – all essential to the environment and to people’s lives, and they are declining fast.

    Cllr Susan Carey

    KCC Cabinet Member for Environment Susan Carey said: “Our bees are on their knees and this summit is bringing people together to talk about how we can stand up for them.

    “It’s a chance for people to hear about what’s being done to help our pollinators an find out what they can do themselves.”

    KCC’s pollinator action plan was started by County Councillor Seán Holden and adopted by the council in 2019.

    Seán now leads Plan Bee for KCC and will be chairing the summit. Plan Bee is designed to improve the habitat and the food sources for pollinators and reverse their decline.

    The plan has three main objectives:

    • to manage council land owned or controlled in a way which can benefit pollinators’ forage and habitat.
    • to use the planning system to protect pollinators and improve the habitats on which they rely.
    • to encourage the people of Kent to take action themselves.

    [​IMG]Susan added: “There’s such goodwill towards bees and a real willingness to make changes to help their plight. The council’s land management is changing to conserve pollinators and their habitats, such as our roadside verges and parks.

    “We also want to encourage people to take their own action, however big or small, in their communities, workplaces, schools and homes.”

    The virtual summit takes place on Monday, November 16 from 10.30am until 12.30pm and you can sign up here.

    Speakers will include Seán Holden, Chairman of Kent’s Plan Bee; Matt Shardlow, from Buglife, outlining the plight of the bee; Susan Carey discussing what KCC is doing to help; James Smith, from Loddington Farm, discussing the role of Kent’s landowner in reversing pollinator decline; Maureen Rainey from the Kent Wildlife Trust discussing pollinator-friendly gardening; Kent’s Children University and Kent Youth Council talking about the future of the pollinator.

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