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Introducing Sabercom digital signage as seen at Knole tea room

Discussion in 'Introduce Your Business' started by Ray Edun, Sep 19, 2012. Replies: 1 | Views: 1937

  1. Ray Edun

    Ray Edun New Member

    Hello Sevenoaks!

    We're a digital signage company with a software package that allows easy updating of LCD, Plasma and TV screens. Have a look in the Knole tea room for examples. Great to promote your business or product in a visually appealing way. Contact Ray Edun, ray.edun@sabercom.co.uk
  2. Ray Edun

    Ray Edun New Member

    Sabercom is located in Tonbridge, West Kent so we were pleased when a National Trust property wanted digital signage in historic Knole House.

    Knole newspaper article sm.jpg

    Sabercom usually operates in the internal communication space but digital signage did start with retail in mind so we do install customer facing screens from time-to-time.

    After all, it's all communications whether your audience are comprised of students, the general public or employees.

    There are myriad applications so whether you run a cafe, estate agent, restaurant or even a salon, digital signage is a good way to attract and inform clients and potential customers.

    Contact Ray Edun ray.edun@sabercom.co.uk to talk about how digital signage could enhance your business.

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