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Government confirms initial Trinity School site

Discussion in 'Riverhead' started by Riverhead, Mar 2, 2013. Replies: 2 | Views: 3313

  1. Riverhead

    Riverhead New Member


    Trinity School has announced its location for the first two years of operation, starting in September 2013. The school’s home will be Ryedale Court, London Road, Riverhead, Sevenoaks, TN13 2DN. Ryedale Court will be very convenient for Sevenoaks children, avoiding the need for long journeys to school elsewhere. The buildings are vacant and need very little work to make them suitable for educational use. Ryedale Court has ample space to accommodate Trinity for two years, leaving time for the permanent site to be made ready.
    The Government has confirmed a permanent site and is in discussion with the freeholder. We will announce more information about this as soon as it becomes available.
    Matthew Tate, Trinity’s founding headmaster, said,

    Trinity School Press Release
  2. Sevenoaks

    Sevenoaks Member

    Positive news for Trinity School as their latest newsletter confirms permanent site:
    Trinity School News
  3. Sevenoaks

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    A Brazen & Misguided Attempt To Misappropriate A Community Asset
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    Sevenoaks Grammar School Campaign News

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