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Fun night out! Barn dance/Ceilidh with Otford Players!

Discussion in 'Otford Players' started by Otfordplayers, Apr 6, 2011. Replies: 2 | Views: 1539

  1. Otfordplayers

    Otfordplayers Member

    Otford Players are hosting a Barn Dance/Ceilidh in Otford Village Memorial Hall on Saturday, 14th May. Tickets are £10 each, which includes a dinner and pudding. Please bring your own drinks. Tickets are on sale now by calling Carole on 01959 525404 or email otfordplayers@gmail.com. To ensure everyone has space to dance we are limiting the tickets to 90 this year - so don't delay, come and have some fun.
  2. Ian

    Ian New Member

    What great fun it was! Spent much of the evening displaying two left feet but highlight was dancing with a lady called Celia - want to contact her to apologise for treading on her toes? Anyone know her surname?
  3. Otfordplayers

    Otfordplayers Member

    Great that you had such a good time.....hopefully Celia will pop up again and you can check her toes for damage! ;-)

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