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ePetition - Road Safety Improvement Seal-Kemsing

Discussion in 'Seal' started by CLRSC, Oct 22, 2012. Replies: 4 | Views: 1149

  1. CLRSC

    CLRSC New Member

    Dear Sevenoaks Forum

    There is an ePetition available on the Kent County Council website for residents in Seal, Kemsing and surrounding areas to show their support to the Council for road safety improvements on Childsbridge Lane.

    This campaign is backing:

    • A change in the road layout at the Railway Bridge at the Seal end to make a safe pathway for pedestrians to cross the bridge
    • To reduce the speed on the National Speed Limit section between Seal and Kemsing to 40mph

    This ePetition is open from now until December 11th.

    Additionally, there is a speed watch group being set up locally if anyone is interested in joining.
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  2. JohnH

    JohnH New Member

    Just signed, hope the ePetition is successful.
  3. Nathalie CC

    Nathalie CC New Member

    How else is this being publicised, is there a paper version too being circulated? I'm surprised there aren't more signatures yet for what is a worthy and much needed campaign.
  4. CLRSC

    CLRSC New Member

    Dear Natalie, thank you for your post. There has been an article in The Chronicle regarding the campaign and there is also local support being generated in Seal with paper petitions and reports from the public with their experiences on the road. A local speedwatch group has also been set up.

    If you have any comments you would like to share on your experiences on the road then please contact:


    We need more support for this very important local issue so if you can help by getting more signatures and support then please help us, it would be very much appreciated.

    Many thanks.
  5. Nathalie CC

    Nathalie CC New Member

    Thankyou, I have sent my details through by email to help.

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