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Dealing with the news

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    Dealing with the news

    Following the news and current events brings us into contact with distressing stories and images that can be difficult to deal with. If you’re struggling, here are four tips that might help:

    1) Limit the time you spend following news

    News keeps us informed, but can also increase fear, anxiety and distress. Decide how long you will spend following news, and then switch to a relaxing activity. Stick with trusted, reliable and sober news sources.

    2) Monitor your social media use

    You may want to know what everyone else is saying about a news story, but you might find all the opinions and what-ifs create more anxiety and worry. Check in with yourself regularly – ‘Is this helping me?’

    3) Talk to someone

    It’s always good to talk, and good to hear yourself express your fears and worries. Try asking someone you trust if they have a few minutes to chat about something that’s on your mind. And if that’s not possible, call the Samaritans on 116123 or Mental Health Matters on 0800 107 0160.

    4) Get involved

    Activism can be a great help as it makes us feel less helpless. Get involved with a charity or campaign, or write to your MP and other significant figures.

    About anxiety

    Anxiety is a natural response that arises when we feel some kind of threat ahead of us. It’s common, and most of us feel anxious at times. Sometimes though it seems disproportionate or it gets in the way of our lives. Learn more about anxiety and about treatments and support.

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