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Barclays Bank, Sevenoaks

Discussion in 'Introduce Your Business' started by David Tudor, Nov 28, 2008. Replies: 0 | Views: 2739

  1. David Tudor

    David Tudor New Member

    Barclays Bank, Sevenoaks

    OK so maybe banks aren't the country's favourite institutions at the moment! (Were they ever?) But don't believe everything the Daily Mail says; when you get down to a local level, I am a businessman just like you, trying to win new customers, control my costs, juggle my time and adapt to conditions outside my control, in an ever more demanding environment.

    I have been in Barclays Bank for 28 years and have seen good times and bad. I have been closely involved with something like 1500 businesses in my time so I have a fair idea of the problems (and the sucesses) that businesses experience on a regular basis. And I know that it's not easy, especially in time like these.

    If you'd like to talk about your banking arrangements - or indeed any aspect of your business - it costs nothing and I will be happy to offer what support I can. I can't promise to turn your business into Microsoft, but hopefully we can avoid it becoming another Ratners!

    Call me on 01732 585012. I look forward to hearing from you.

    David Tudor, Local Business Manager, Barclays Bank (Branches at Sevenoaks, Borough Green, Riverhead, Westerham and Biggin Hill.)

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