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Wildernesse School - the past in pictures

Discussion in 'Sevenoaks Chat' started by Phil Clucas, Nov 13, 2016. Replies: 3 | Views: 4784

  1. Phil Clucas

    Phil Clucas New Member

    Wildernesse School - the past in pictures.jpg


    WILDERNESSE SCHOOL the past in pictures
    Ed Thompson & Philip Clucas
    Containing over 130 photos, this book spans the 60 year life of Wildernesse School from the post-war period to the new century. Rediscover its staff and pupils, and revisit the building in its wonderful parkland setting. Be there at the school’s opening... see a future teacher in for the high jump... join the boys as they restore a paddle steamer and clear out the mill pond... learn how they once looked after animals down on the farm... and lots, lots, more!
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  2. David Weller

    David Weller New Member

  3. David Weller

    David Weller New Member

    As a pupil of the school in September 1950 when it first opened, I wonder how many of us are still around? Memories abound, anybody keen to share them from this time?
  4. Alfons Hereu Ruax

    Alfons Hereu Ruax New Member

    As a pupil of the Wildernesse School for boys in 1960 I would like to know what happened to my school friends like B.Woodham, R. Cook, J.Woody Herman, R.Evans, E.J.Cox, C.Gaskin and many others. I was the only spaniard in the whole school. And lived in Camden Road. And also could I buy the book "the past in pictures"? Thanks for answering.Alfons

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