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Westerham Brewery to celebrate the Royal Wedding with Matrimoniale

Discussion in 'Westerham' started by Westerham Brewery, Mar 3, 2011. Replies: 0 | Views: 844

  1. Westerham Brewery

    Westerham Brewery New Member

    Westerham Brewery will celebrate the marriage of Prince William and Catherine with a limited release of "Matrimoniale". Robert Wicks, head brewer, decided on the name as it clearly describes the event and the beer to celebrate the royal nuptuals. It was only later that Robert discovered from his Italian brother-in-law, Fede, that in Italian "Matromoniale" is the word for the matrimonial double bed. What more can one say! The beer will be available on draught in April to celebrate this joyous occasion. Please contact the brewery for further information.

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