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Time to Talk

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    Time to Talk

    21 October 2021 /

    Time to Talk is a new peer to peer support group for those who have lost a close relative, partner, friend, or colleague to suicide.

    The group, lead by by a trained facilitator with lived experience, will provide the opportunity to meet others who have lost someone to suicide and share experiences and feelings in a safe space.

    Beginning on Wednesday 27 October, the programme will run for six weeks on a Wednesday evening between 6pm – 7.30pm online and is open to anyone aged 18+ in West Kent.

    There are many benefits of joining the group:
    Understanding: People grieving because of suicide can feel very alone, suffering from a kind of loss they feel others may not understand. Even with supportive family and friends, participants find it helpful to talk with others who have experienced a similar loss

    Coping: The group supports one another, sharing coping skills, techniques, and strategies that often lead to acceptance and increased hope for facing the future.

    Respect: Participants will feel they are listened to in a respectful environment. Even when people are sharing things they may never have said out loud before, there is a non-judgemental and supportive atmosphere.

    For more information please click here, call 01732 744950 or email our community team.

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