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Theft victim reunited with stolen bicycle

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    A stolen bike has become the latest item to be reunited with its rightful owner after a victim of burglary recognised it on a new section of the Kent Police website called ‘Is It Yours?


    Officers returned the bike to Ray Winter after he spotted a photo on ‘Is It Yours?’ which matched that of what was stolen from his home in Hextable.

    The distinctive electric powered cycle belonged to Mr Winter’s wife and was taken during a burglary on 26 October. The 66 year old has now joined Kent Police in urging other victims of burglary to visit the website to see if they recognise items which belong to them.

    'Easy to find'
    Mr Winter said: ‘To be honest I did not have the slightest optimism when I looked at ‘Is It Yours?’, but the page was very easy to find and there were four categories, one of which was sport and leisure. I thought the bike wouldn’t be on it, but sure enough it was. The website is well worth a visit. If you have had anything stolen just have a look.’

    Is It Yours?’ is an online initiative by Kent Police to reunite stolen property with its rightful owners and has now been rolled out across the entire county. It was launched earlier this year and contains photos of items seized during enforcement operations, but where the true owner has not been identified.

    Detective Constable Neil Harvey is one of a number of officers continuing efforts to reunite victims of crime with recovered and seized items.

    Happy ending
    DC Harvey said: ‘ ‘Is It Yours?‘ gives us a fantastic opportunity to build on the successes we are already having in returning stolen items to their rightful owners. We know that burglary can have devastating consequences for victims and although we are doing all we can to reduce these offences and arrest those responsible, it is equally important we try and give people a happy ending by reuniting them with their belongings.

    ‘I’m delighted we have been able to help Mr Winter in this respect, but I would also like to remind people that they stand a far greater chance of having stolen belongings returned, by security marking items such as bikes and power tools and making sure electronic devices, including phones and tablets are logged on the property marking database www.immobilise.com.

    ‘I would also encourage people to take photographs of any distinctive items you purchase, to help us ensure they are returned to you as soon as possible if they are stolen.’

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