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Photos of Sevenoaks 1953

Discussion in 'Sevenoaks History' started by Craig Singleton, Apr 26, 2013. Replies: 0 | Views: 1786

  1. Craig Singleton

    Craig Singleton New Member


    I have a small web site based on a former RAF airfield in Cheshire. http://wwwrafcranage.org.uk

    Recently I was passed 685 negatives taken by one of the service personnel by the name of Arthur J. Woodhams who came from, and indeed returned to Sevenoaks.

    In amongst the collection are quite a few photos of his family and neighbours, as well as members of the general public at the 1953 August Fete on the playing fields at Knole Paddock.

    My reason for sending this message is to see if someone might put a name to some of the faces.

    The Sevenoaks photos can be found on the following page, 5th row down, columns 2 & 3 http://www.rafcranage.org.uk/RAF_Cranage/RAF_Cranage_by_A_Woodhams.html

    [Set 1]

    [Set 2]

    I hope this is of interest.

    kind regards

    Craig Singleton


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