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Parish council parking ban in Seal irks some residents

Discussion in 'Seal' started by Sevenoaks Chronicle, Sep 5, 2015. Replies: 1 | Views: 954

  1. Sevenoaks Chronicle

    Sevenoaks Chronicle New Member

    SEAL Parish Council has taken a tough stance on people clogging its recreation ground car park as the squeeze on parking continues in the village.Notices went up in the car park last week, warning people of an impending ban on parking between 8.30am and 9.30am for anyone who is not dropping children off at the pavilion or using the recreation ground.Parish council bosses say the move is to free up space for parents taking youngsters to Top Banana preschool and to ensure lift-sharing commuters...

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  2. Stan

    Stan New Member

    Parking in seal is a nightmare local residents are getting parking fines for parking outside their homes while putting up with traffic worse than living on the M25 and seeing their council tax rising year after year local councillors unwilling to sort out residents parking. and having to put up with inconsiderate footballers running through the village on weekends and nearly pushing over residents..

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