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Otford Community News - week commencing Mon 29 Jan

Discussion in 'Otford' started by Kay Drake, Feb 1, 2018. Replies: 0 | Views: 182

  1. Kay Drake

    Kay Drake Member

    OTFORD Library in the High Street will be hosting Bob Ogley to talk about Kent in the 19th Century at 7pm on Thursday March 8. Tickets cost £5 and include refreshments but booking is essential as seating is limited. For further information please speak to a member of staff or contact the library via 03000 413131 or email otfordlibrary@kent.gov.uk.

    ALTHOUGH you may remember a recent mention in this column about the diseased willow tree on the pond and the necessity for its removal I am afraid I have to confirm that the remaining mature willow tree will be felled tomorrow, Friday February 2. A replacement
    is be purchased and will be as large as possible bearing in mind the size of hole it will require to be planted in and its location next to the pond. This beautiful old landmark will be sadly missed but everything possible is being done to reinstate the area.

    OTFORD Heritage Centre, adjacent to Otford Parish Council offices in the High Street, has a new display outlining the history of the Otford Primary School. This includes a few class (and other) photos from the 1960s and 1970s. Maybe you will be able to spot yourself, or perhaps your children might. For those of you who attended the school, or have family who have attended, there is also a book in which you are very much invited to write any memories you might have of the School and school life.

    PANCAKE Day, Shrove Tuesday, falls on February 13 and Otford Methodist Church will be holding a Fair Feast Quiz between 7.30 and 9.30p.m. in their halls behind the Library to celebrate it. As well as the Quiz there will be pancakes and hot and cold drinks, all for £7, with all of the proceeds going to help one of the world's poorest communities, details of which will be available on the night. Everyone will be most welcome. To reserve a place or places (tables seat 8 people) please contact Andy Collings 01959 524840, 07801 639858, or email ac04otford@btinternet.com. Payment may be made before or on the day.

    ENJOY your own home produce by renting an allotment from Otford Allotment Association as they now have a few vacant plots available. It is inexpensive to rent an allotment and the rewards can outweigh the cost. If you are interested please contact Roger Beasley, 01732 463072 or e-mail rogerbeasley@tiscali.co.uk. Roger will be pleased to show what is on offer with an introduction to The Otford Allotment Association.

    DOG fouling seems to be a subject that is continually featured in this column and is particularly bad at the moment both on the recreations grounds and on footpath and even pavements throughout the village. Perhaps the bad weather is the cause of dog walkers not picking up after their pets but the result mess has to be cleared by someone and if you have a dog then it is a legal requirement to clear up after it. We have a lovely village and this continual disregard for other users of fields, grounds and paths causes a huge problem
    so please pick up your dog’s poo.

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