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Oakbank School

Discussion in 'Seal' started by Gary Vinten, Oct 12, 2010. Replies: 14 | Views: 7574

  1. Gary Vinten

    Gary Vinten New Member

    Hi can any body tell me where I may get a picture of a school I went to in seal called OakBank
  2. Gary Vinten

    Gary Vinten New Member

    Hi can anybody tell me what happened to oakbank school or where I may find a photo
  3. Seal Library

    Seal Library New Member

    Hello Gary, yes we do have bits and pieces on Oak Bank School with a photograph here at Seal Library.
    Opening times are Tues 2-5, Thurs 9.30-1.00, Friday 10-5 and Sat 10-2.
    Lesley Edmeads
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  4. robert fagg

    robert fagg New Member

    hi gary i was in the last batch of kids to stay there, i have been back a couple of times but my last visit i got told it was being turned into luxury flats
    bob class of 86
  5. Andy wood

    Andy wood New Member

    Hi i was at oak bank school from 1977 to 1981 im looking for photos of the school
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  6. Paul Coles

    Paul Coles New Member

    Hi Andy I remember you and I've got some pictures of the school there are also some on Friends reunited
  7. Paul Coles

    Paul Coles New Member

    Hi Gary long time no see I've a picture or 2 oakbank was knocked down and a few houses built on the land I remember going up to the school around 1990 and only building left was the canteen it blow me away
    Have a look on Friends reunited look up oakbank he Phil Hammond started a page good luck
  8. Kevin Hicks

    Kevin Hicks New Member

    I was at Oak Bank from 1968-1971 and enjoyed it. I was interested to know what ever happened to the school as I can't find photos or nothing on Google etc. sad its all gone as another school in Maidstone I went to was turned into flats 20 yrs ago.
  9. Paul Coles

    Paul Coles New Member

    Hi Kevin
    I think the School was knocked down around 1995 and they built about 4 houses apparently they got thier money back just from the sale of the caretakers house. It was a shame that it's gone it was home for 5 years .
    If you send me your email address I'll find a picture for you clifordtonbridge@gmail.com
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  10. cmitch

    cmitch New Member

    Hi just thought I would jump in on this my son was also one of last there it was his happiest times shame it closed down his name was mark wilmshurst and I remember phill Hammond ,the horse riding lessons at bitchet green riding school gave him his big love of horses and I am still in contact with the owner .thank you oak bank
  11. Derrick Graham

    Derrick Graham New Member

    Hi My name is Derrick graham i went to oak bank in the late 70s to 80s shame the school has been turned in to house's it was a great school when i was there. I remember you woods and Scot, Dammole ,
    Trever Ramroop. Saxby the nutter who set the school alight. Roy Bramley Thumb sucker The teachers were Mr Cole, Mr Pascoe, Mr Smith, Hammond, Mr Bully, smudge, Steve Austin. Like to here from some one and how you are doing and what you are all up to. Graham

    KIRK MORRIS New Member

    Hello My name is kirk I went back last year and its all gone only mr Deans house was left what a shame some of the best times of my life have some great memories of school even Bully Beef is in there somewhere lol
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  13. michael sawyer

    michael sawyer New Member

    Hi to anyone who remembers me ( Michael Cooper) OBS long time ago now, I left in 1979 but remember the place as if it were yesterday :) great memories for sure ...p.s I have a newspaper copy pic (on my computer) of the school play Oliver twisted from 1978....
  14. Streethawk

    Streethawk New Member

    Hello dose anyone remember neil
  15. Paul anderson

    Paul anderson New Member

    Hi guys im paul Anderson I was there 77 83 would like to hear from anyone

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