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Murder Mystery - Otford Players' next production

Discussion in 'Otford Players' started by Otfordplayers, Dec 7, 2012. Replies: 1 | Views: 643

  1. Otfordplayers

    Otfordplayers Member

    Would you like to be in a murder mystery? Come along to the Methodist Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 11th December for a read through of the script. If you would like to be involved off the stage we'd love to see you too, or even if you think you might want to join but want to check us out first! If you'd like more information about Otford Players please go to our website: www.otford.info/otfordplayers or email us at otfordplayers@otford.net.
  2. Otfordplayers

    Otfordplayers Member

    I'm afraid we've had to cancel the show due - we're really sorry! If you booked tickets, the box office will be in touch with you. Next show is in November and that will go ahead come rain or shine!

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