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Knockholt Station parking scheme goes live

Discussion in 'Knockholt' started by Sevenoaks District Council, Oct 4, 2011. Replies: 3 | Views: 7731

  1. A scheme to improve parking around Knockholt Station will come into force from Monday 10 October (2011).

    In recent months the number of commuter vehicles parked on London Road in Badgers Mount has increased considerably with cars parking around junctions, in bus stops and on both sides of the road causing danger, obstruction and delays to other road users.

    The parking problems led to numerous complaints from residents and the local parish council.

    In response, Sevenoaks District Council, in partnership with Kent County Council, is restricting parking to one side of London Road, putting double yellow lines by junctions and single yellow lines in other areas, including some side roads, to deter displacement parking.

    Pay and display parking for around 100 vehicles will be available. An all-day parking ticket will cost £3 which can be paid for in cash or by phone using the Parkmobile service. To register for Parkmobile call 020 3003 2523 or log on to www.parkmobile.co.uk.

    Signs will be put up around Knockholt Station on Thursday (6 October) advising drivers that the restrictions will soon come into force.

    Sevenoaks District Council consulted extensively with the local community before drawing up the plans which were approved by the Sevenoaks Joint Transportation Board, a joint Kent County Council and Sevenoaks District Council committee.

    Cllr Avril Hunter, the Council’s Cabinet member for parking, says:
    Sevenoaks DC News
  2. Steve H

    Steve H New Member

    The restrictions around the station are ridiculous and simply inconvenienve local residents who use the station. Why is parking prohibited on london road from the shed business? I can understand why people should not be allowed to park on both siders as that was dangerous but all the current restirctions have done is push traffic further up London road towards Sevenoaks. My wife has to drop our daughter to school before travelling to London and she will now have to walk almost a mile on dark roads to get to her caqr. When someone gets attacked it will be the councils fault. You have solved nothing and caused more problems.
  3. Pauline Gibbons

    Pauline Gibbons New Member

    Everyone affected by the Knockholt Station Parking fiasco please log onto the Pratts Bottom Website www.prattsbottom.co.uk/
    Read what’s going on & click on the hyper link to add your comments on the problems it’s causing you.
    Thank you

    Pratts Bottom
    Pratts Bottom is a Kentish village just inside the Greater London boundary, halfway between Bromley and Sevenoaks.
  4. Pauline Gibbons

    Pauline Gibbons New Member

    This is also our local station but due to the unlit wooded footpath linking the station to Pratts Bottom means locals used cars during the winter months & when they needed to carry heavy things to work!!!!!

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