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Kemsing Wildlife Group Talks - Oct / Nov

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  1. THE KEMSING WILDLIFE GROUP present The Best of Southern England by Kev Reynolds on 11th October 2013
    Kev Reynolds is a freelance travel writer & lecturer and author of more than 50 books.
    He claims to be the Man with the World's Best Job.
    In this lecture we look at some of the finest landscapes, historic buildings, parks, coastlines and villages south of London

    THE KEMSING WILDLIFE GROUP present Exotic Reptiles by Lucus on 8th November 2013
    Lucus will give a brief explanation of the work of Reptile Events. We will then be introduced to various African, Asian and American reptiles including an explanation of their adaption to their
    natural environment. There will also be an opportunity to hold the reptiles.

    The group meets at St Edith's Small Hall, Kemsing Village Hall, High Street, Kemsing TN15 6NA (Free Parking)
    The group meets monthly on a Friday between 8pm - 10pm.
    Just turn up booking not necessary.
    Admission is £2.00 per adult (children under 16 free)

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