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Is this the ghost of Anne Boleyn captured on film?

Discussion in 'Hever' started by Your Sevenoaks, Oct 1, 2013. Replies: 0 | Views: 1645

  1. Your Sevenoaks

    Your Sevenoaks New Member

    Is this spooky looking orb in the door way to the left of this picture the ghost of Anne Boleyn climbing the stairs at her former home of Hever Castle?


    Sceptics may take some convincing, but a medium says she is convinced it is - and one historian described the picture as “incredible”.

    Anne married Henry VIII in 1533, but after failing to deliver a son, Henry accused her of treason and she was beheaded after being found guilty of adultery, incest and witchcraft.

    Her tragic and tumultuous life leads psychic and medium Christine Hamlett into thinking she captured Anne’s essence in the form of an orb during a recent visit with her sister to Hever, near Edenbridge.

    Ms Hamlett from Cheshire, told us:

    The 56-year-old said:

    Author Marc Alexander wrote a book called In Search of Britain’s Haunted Castles, which included Hever.

    He told us:

    A spokesman for the castle said:
    KOS Media News

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