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How do you see the village in 10 years time?

Discussion in 'Otford Parish Plan' started by Ron Dullage, Feb 6, 2009. Replies: 1 | Views: 1807

  1. Ron Dullage

    Ron Dullage New Member

    How do you see the village in 10 years time?

    The Parish Plan Steering Committee are working towards the creation of a questionnaire that will be distributed to every household in the community asking for their views on various aspects of village life. These will include things such as the provision of health care services, road safety, concern for the elderly, identifying the needs of young people, supporting local businesses, protecting the landscape, the availability (or otherwise) of sports facilties, the need for local, affordable housing, reducing social division, etc.

    Are there any issues that affect the village that you would like to see considered by the local community? The Steering Committee are keen to hear from you.:idea:
  2. Mike Ponteland

    Mike Ponteland New Member

    I have come across your website through a search for development plans.

    Ponteland comprises a long established village with an established conservation area plus the Darras Hall estate, a garden village just over 100 years old with mainly small houses on a minimum of 0.25 acre plots.

    Both parts are currently threatened by redevelopment. We have set up a civic Society to try and influence development but now realise that a development plan would have been hugely useful.

    Please contribute to your own local process.

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