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Homestead Farm on Rye Lane

Discussion in 'Otford' started by Steve McCombe, Sep 18, 2009. Replies: 2 | Views: 1672

  1. Steve McCombe

    Steve McCombe New Member

    Homestead Farm on Rye Lane


    Does anyone have any memories of Homestead Farm on Rye Lane when it was still a dairy farm? Rogers & Marchant Dairy was run by my great grandfather Frank Rogers and my grandparents Sidney & Hilda McCombe sold the farm in 1968.


  2. Richard Hards

    Richard Hards New Member

    Hello, your great grandmother Bertha Rogers was a witness at the wedding of my great grandmother in 1900 in Biggin Hill.

    I have a photograph of the wedding group but I'm not able to identify all the people.

    Do you have a picture of your great grandmother that might help?

    I won't upload the picture here, I'm sure we can sort out a way to communicate off of here (if you get a notification of this reply!)

    Best wishes,
  3. Steve Bristol

    Steve Bristol New Member

    Hi Richard, I can't remember if I replied to your post. I've not visited this page for years! I have a photo of Frank and Bertha. I remember them both when I visited Homestead Farm. Frank died in 1960 and Bertha in 1963.

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