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ECONOKIT - a cost effective way to achieve reductions in exhaust emissions and save fuel

Discussion in 'Introduce Your Business' started by Debbie Cooper, Dec 7, 2011. Replies: 6 | Views: 28610

  1. Debbie Cooper

    Debbie Cooper New Member

    Econokit was developed and patented by French engineers and is just being introduced into the UK by Debbie and Alan Cooper from Sevenoaks (as the UK Sole Agent).

    Econokit can reduce fuel consumption by up to 25% (a 10% fuel saving is typically seen on a modern well tuned car engine, while heavily worked engines can realise greater savings). Econokit also helps to save the planet and can reduce the emission of polluting gases by in excess of 50%. This is achieved by improving the combustion of the fuel inside the engine through the introduction of gas/mist into the inlet tract, the gas/mist is generated from distilled or preferably rain water through a reservoir bubbler/misting device and thermo-magnetic reactor (which is mounted on the hottest part of the engine exhaust manifold).

    Small compact and robust, it requires no core engine modifications and normally installs under 60 minutes. Its design makes it compatible with any kind of engine (diesel, petrol and even LPG) and its action is immediate. It is available in two sizes:

    * The Econokit Standard - suitable for the majority of small diesel and petrol engines.
    * The Econokit Pro - suitable for diesel trucks, buses/coaches and plant equipment.

    The Econokit consumes an average of 0.5 litres of water (rainwater or distilled water) every full tank of fuel. Using the Econokit also considerably reduces carbon deposits in the engine.

    Econokits are manufactured from recyclable products.

    There are lots more details at www.econokit.fr (including a installation video) or http://fuelenhanceruk.webs.com/. (our own website). Also here are some hyperlinks to youtube videos of installations on a few vehicles:

    We are interested in developing a network of distributors and installers - please contact us at econokituk@gmail.com or 07840 246588.

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  2. Debbie Cooper

    Debbie Cooper New Member

    We're really pleased to hear the news from Sevenoaks Chronicle that we are on the short list for the Local Business Accelerator competition. This is a great opportunity to publicise our company, DRAEAUK Ltd, and the Econokit product range. The article is on page 11 of the Sevenoaks Chronicle, 29th December 2011.
  3. Debbie Cooper

    Debbie Cooper New Member

  4. Debbie Cooper

    Debbie Cooper New Member

    Great news! We won the regional Local Business Accelerator competition and are busy planning our advertising campaign and really looking forward to the opportunity of being mentored by successful local business entrepreneur Peter Bull (who owns the Hop Farm and Park Holidays UK). Here's a link to the newspaper articles in the Sevenoaks Chronicle: http://fuelenhanceruk.webs.com/apps/documents/ :)
  5. Debbie Cooper

    Debbie Cooper New Member

  6. Debbie Cooper

    Debbie Cooper New Member

    Local Business Opportunity - Here is a sneak preview of our advert for the Sevenoaks Chronicle which follows up on winning the regional local business accelerator competition. We think this is going to make us very busy and we will probably have to look for a local installation partner (if this is you, contact us know through econokituk@gmail.com).

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  7. Debbie Cooper

    Debbie Cooper New Member

    Local business and community benefiting from Econokit - We fitted an Econokit to a taxi belonging to Airport Car Services (http://www.airport-car-services.co.uk/) after meeting the owner, Ian Dolwin, at a Grapevine event. We are pleased to report Ian is seeing an improvement in fuel economy of 15% by releasing more energy from the diesel which also reduces the polluting exhaust emissions. A Green Chain case study has now been uploaded @ http://www.greenchain.org.uk/suppliers/draeauk-ltd-111.htm :)

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