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Diversification of redundant farm buildings - cyclists beware!

Discussion in 'Sevenoaks Cycle Forum' started by KJL, Dec 3, 2015. Replies: 1 | Views: 642

  1. KJL

    KJL New Member

    Whilst I understand the need for diversification and the government's wish to support landowners in this, it will undoubtedly lead to quiet and almost traffic free country lanes becoming very dangerous for cyclists. For example, where once there was a redundant dairy unit, having been unused for over twenty years, there could now be four office units with parking for 16 cars plus the deliveries and collections made by vans and lorries to these units. The relaxation of the permitted development law will change the whole nature of the countryside, the narrow lanes whilst continuing to have the seasonal vehicles associated with land management and farming will also have the everyday traffic associated with office units. The few almost traffic free lanes and hill climbs around Sevenoaks, so enjoyed by cyclists, sadly will become a thing of the past - unless maybe we can save some by establishing them as part of a cycle route, is this at all possible?
  2. Sheila B

    Sheila B New Member

    I dont know the answer to your question re cycle routes but I share your concerns re what will happen to redundant farm buildings with the relaxation of planning laws.

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