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Community and Voluntary Awards

Discussion in 'Otford' started by Michelle Lowe, Mar 12, 2017. Replies: 0 | Views: 318

  1. Michelle Lowe

    Michelle Lowe New Member

    There are many unsung heroes in Otford, that volunteer day in and day out, and on whom the rest of us deepnd. It would be great if we could nominate them for one of the SDC's Community & Voluntary awards.

    Whether they deserve to be young volunteer of the year (under 24), Individual community champion or have done so much that they deserve the lifetime achievement award - please take a few moments to complete the online form.

    If they are business they may deserve to be best health/most improves eatery (not just cafes and restuarants but anyone who delivers your organic vegetables etc) or best family business where everyone from breastfeeding mothers to those living with dementia are made welcome.

    Please follow this link and nominate some Orfordians for this year's awards:


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