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Ancient trees to be preserved at Lullingstone Country Park

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    An ancient horse chestnut tree at the country park
    A £40,000 project has been launched to preserve some of the oldest trees in the county.
    Kent County Council (KCC) is funding the programme to maintain ancient trees at Lullingstone County Park, near Eynsford.
    Some of the oaks, beeches, hornbeams and chestnuts are more than 700 years old – dating back to the Peasants Revolt in 1381 and the Black Death in 1348.
    They have all been subjected to detailed surveys to establish how best to care for them, which will help both preserve them as individual trees and as environments for a huge variety of insects and plants.
    Cllr Nick Chard, KCC’s cabinet member for environment, highways and waste, said:
    The work is being funded by a £40,000 grant from the SITA Trust, a not-for-profit company that supports community improvement projects.
    This money will also support the construction of a tree nursery, so that seedlings from the veteran trees can be grown to provide the veteran trees of tomorrow.
    Mr Chard added:
    As part of the survey work each veteran tree was tagged with an identification number and their exact position determined using GPS equipment.
    This information will be entered on a national data base along with details of the tree’s condition and associated fauna.
    The funding will also help produce a Veteran Tree Trail with a new leaflet to explain how to identify a veteran tree and where they can be found in Lullingstone Country Park.

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