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A 'green' crematorium could be coming to Edenbridge with a new 'cleaner' and eco-friendly...

Discussion in 'Sevenoaks Chat' started by Sevenoaks Chronicle, Nov 2, 2017. Replies: 5 | Views: 1433

  1. Sevenoaks Chronicle

    Sevenoaks Chronicle New Member

    The freeze dry technique is said to already be underway in the USA and Dublin but it could be the first in Kent if plans are passed

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  2. Scientist

    Scientist New Member

  3. Scientist

    Scientist New Member

    Why is Steve Smith of Laser Resale Tonbridge fronting this most peculiar planning for ecoLation from EcoLegacy? Having read the negative info in the link above to the gfg,
    A lot of edenbridge residents are left wondering.

    His motive is not clear as the process does not appear to need any secondhand lasers (though one can't be too sure - the proposed Edenbridge process is different from the proposed processs at Dardistown Crematorium near Dublin airport as the Edenbridge application promises no chimney and zero emissions whereas the Irish application proposes using the crematorium chimney) and ecoLegacy themselves appear very slow and unready for market if one takes a closer look at the things referred to in the Good Funeral Guide link e.g. most likely no R and D as yet.

    So, the attractions of fronting this particular application appear limited; it has drawn a high number of objections for a planning application in this particular locality where few people usually bother to comment on a planning application even though they may strongly dislike it and have valid grounds for objection. Currently there are over 70 objections, and with Sevenoaks DC now having extended the decision deadline application 17/02109/OUT to end of February 2018, there's time for more.

    The landowner of the golf driving range at Edenbridge is Michael Stone/Strengthcourt Limited according to the planning application. He / Strengthcourt also own Oast Park Golf Course and Driving Range at Snodland, Kent, but the golf driving range at Edenbridge was apparently picked for this application rather than the one in Snodland.

    Mr Stone has not objected and is an ecoLegacy supporter according to a video of him on Youtube promoting ecoLegacy. Perhaps he has not yet realised that this project is not as straightforward as the ecoLegacy promotional material he endorses might lead one to think.

    Next door to the Edenbridge Golf Driving Range is the Eden Valley Woodland Burial Ground also owned by Mr Stone. This is a very attractive proposition and most certainly "greener" than being ecoLated in a basement dug into the green belt. Quite how much energy is used in freezing a corpse, smashing it up, drying it out and then handing back the pieces to the relative for cremation, burial or composting we will hopefully never need to know.
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  4. Scientist

    Scientist New Member

    Steve Smith's delay tactics re. clear information on ecoLation are catching then, judging by the latest comments in the article.
  5. Scientist

    Scientist New Member

    It's gone. They've withdrawn the Edenbridge application 17/02109/OUT. Good news for the area.
  6. Scientist

    Scientist New Member

    Shame the Telegraph and the Mail got it wrong yesterday / today. Sevenoaks District Council is not considering this application. The applicant withdrew end of last week.

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