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1950's wedding photo

Discussion in 'Sevenoaks History' started by suee, Nov 9, 2010. Replies: 2 | Views: 13451

  1. suee

    suee New Member

    Hi all,

    I am trying to trace my great aunts family and all i have is a photo taken in June 1950 with 'Billy and Ann' written on the back, with a "Sevenoaks News" stamped in the corner. I am hoping this may be a photo of William Wood and his wife Ann.
    Could anyone advise me of where i might find more information.
    Many thanks,

    Sue (in NSW, Oz) Billy & Ann, June 1950.jpg
  2. Otford.Net

    Otford.Net New Member

    Hi Sue,
    following on from the e-mails, I had a few minutes in Sevenoaks this morning and did some delving for you, finding this in the Sevenoaks News edition, dated Thursday, 22nd June 1950 :


    I believe the references to the 'Prince of Wales' pub in Seal, would now be the Tandoori Nights indian restaurant at the same location, as the pub is no longer trading.
    Hope it fills in a few gaps for you.
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  3. suee

    suee New Member

    Many thanks to John for his kindness in finding this wonderful family information for me.. Cheers John..

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