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Sevenoaks District Seniors Action Forum

Web: www.sdsaf.org
SDSAF is an independent organisation, now with over 220 Members (April 2012) so we’re growing fast! Membership is free and open to all people of 50 plus in the Sevenoaks District.
We gather information that we think might be important to people over 50 and send it to our Members via email or newsletter or on our website.
We’re here to create a voice for our age group wherever we need our voices to be heard. Together, when we get the chance, we will tell the authorities, whoever they may be, what our opinion is.
Our Members tell us what is important to them and we do our best to influence the decision makers in Councils, health organisations, and anyone else who needs it, so that they bear our needs in mind when they are making their decisions. It’s easy to ignore two or three people but hard to ignore the views of 200 and more.